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One of The Digital Marketing Agency that specialized in Education Sector.

Hi World,

We are ‘The Biz Guru’ EDTECH Development & Management. We are expert in Educational sector and helping other Educational agencies to grow on Digital platforms.

The Biz Guru Digital Marketing Agency assists you to expand your Educational enterprise on Big scale for maximize profit and Best lead generation in this Digital Marketing World.

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5 Principles of Our Work

We are master in Educational field. ‘THE BIZ GURU’ is assisting other Educational organizations to develop their presence on Digital stages. We are are here to help you to expand your market Digitally and grow more.

‘The Biz Guru’ EDTECH Development & Management have ample of experience in Educational field. Our 5 principles of work is our main point of attraction for our clients. THE BIZ GURU strictly follow this 5 principles and do work according to client needs that’s the reason we maintain demonstrative and long lasting relationship with clients.

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Industry Experience

More than 10 years of experience in Educational field

Brilliant Team

When Experts comes together and make a team its known as The Biz Guru’s team

Creative & Professional

Our Creative and Professional approach is here to bring your Business on the next level!

Complex Solutions

We follow A/B testing to grow your Business with complex solutions.

100% Result Guarantee

When you enter in The Biz Guru – Don’t worry about results. We give you 100% surety of the BEST Results.

Our Process

  • 1. Consultant

    First of all we consult with the client about their company, their Vision & Goals, current status of the organization and client’s future plans.

  • 2. Problem Solving Team

    After a consultation we get fair idea about client’s goal. Then our problem solving team starts working on the clients issues.

  • 3. Consistent and Practical

    Now you are the part of The Biz Guru. We don’t leave you alone after project completion too. We always guide you with Consistent and Practical approach to reap profitable results.

  • 4. Eliminate Variations

    We eliminate variation to improve process. After elimination of unwanted tactics and improving process capability we do flawless execution of strategy.

  • 5. Focus on customer requirements

    Our First & Final Motto is to satisfy your need! After looking into all this aspects of the process our aim to give you maximum satisfaction by our service.

  • 6. D M A I C

    We are here to Define your Objectives, Measure your Success rate, Analyse your Business Plan, Improve your Quality of work, & Control your Resources.

The Biz Guru

We are excited to see your Business is growing Digitally!