What is Lead Generation?

lead Generation is a process starts by finding out where your target market 'lives' on the Web.

Lead equals to sales and sales equal to profit!

The Biz Guru is the Best lead generation agency that focuses on generating highly qualified leads for B2B & B2C. Our lead generation specialists are highly expert in both inbound and outbound methodologies.

We assists your sales team with important possibilities to increase conversions and secure trust in the minds of clients.

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Lead Generation Services We Provide :

Retention Strategy

Building effective campaign to improve customer acquisition and retention.

Content & Engagement Strategy

We facilitates content & engagement strategy to educate, inspire and built interest post conversion.

Full Funnel Analytics

Our Marketing automation software gather data from user and customer’s activity across the entire funnel.

Marketing Goal

We set up monthly goals for your website traffic, prospects, leads & customer acquisition.


We send appropriate communication based on the behavior, activities & interests through email marketing.

Overall Marketing Activities

We run campaigns, ads & PPC and other social strategies and do analysis of conversion rate optimization, lead generation & scoring, targeted demand generation.


We are excited to see your Business is growing Digitally!